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As the new season gets under way, strip back the layers and go for a fresh and natural look

The natural look as seen at Paco Rabanne is a refreshing way to kick off a new season. Of course, the idea that this “no makeup” finish actually means no makeup is laughable. In reality, you need a little something, otherwise you’ll just look like you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. Start by spritzing on a luminous primer. Choose a dewy finish foundation, mix it with a little crush of highlighter and apply it like you would moisturiser. Brush brows with a clear brow gel, add a nude lip and pretend you “woke up like this”. You’re ready to step into spring.

1. Glossier Boy Brow £14,
2. Lipstick Queen, Nothing But the Truth lipstick £22,
3. Smashbox Vitamin Glow Primer £30,
4. By Me Sheer Brilliance Highlighter in Maria Honey Gold £18, 5. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Foundation £59,

For as long as I can remember, toners have had a bad reputation. The old schoolers claimed to rid skin of excess dirt and shrink pores. The problem was they were too strong; many were formulated with obscene levels of alcohol and God-knows-what, stuff that could probably strip wallpaper and kill a cactus. Slowly we woke up to the fact that toners were having a detrimental impact on our skin – everything from excess dryness to overproduction of oils – and stopped using them. For the longest time I didn’t tone. But that was then. I now incorporate a toner into my regime because the newer, kinder, formulations no longer spell the death knell for skin. They are also more sophisticated, incorporating ingredients that treat everything from premature ageing to breakouts. This particular alcohol-free toner includes fruit extracts and willow bark that, respectively, brighten and resurface the skin. The addition of probiotics strengthen the skin’s barrier. I simply swipe a soaked cotton pad over my skin after cleansing. The grime and residue it gets off is rather alarming, but unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t sting or leave my skin tight. Instead it fulfils its promise of brightening and resurfacing, creating a texture that absorbs the rest of my skin care more effectively. So, don’t be put off by old toner tales – the new breed will make your skin better, not worse. Pixi Vitamin C Tonic, £18,

On my radar: lovely lipsticks, 20s scents and bolder lashes

Lippy looker This fully customisable lipstick range – in sheer, matte and satin – from a stalwart of US fashion is covetable if only for the gorgeous designs. Carolina Herrera Beauty, from £19,

Lost and found Vuitton lost the original 1920s formula for this nostalgic scent. It’s now been reimagined as a mimosa, jasmine, raspberry and sandalwood fragrance. Sublime. Louis Vuitton Heures d’Absence, £210,

Magic wand Take a super-creamy texture and add a flexible thin-tipped mascara wand. What do you get? Bold buildable lashes that give falsies a run for their money. Gucci Beauty Mascara L’Obscur, £30,

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